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❃ McTsts

I am McTsts, former Head of Mirage, Vertex Creations Organizer and Publishing & Website Manager!

I'm a Function Writer/Command Creator/Redstoner or whatever we call it nowadays, but I'm also a decent Builder, Terraformer, Resource Creator (Models, Textures, etc.) and much more.

✧ Bio:

"I first started making maps, mostly by myself or with a couple of friends, back in 2012 with version 1.3, however I never quite managed to finish a map until I was making maps in the late 1.8 snapshots, one of those maps was "The Graveyard", and it turned out decent and was finally released in the final 1.8 release, in early 2015, my first published map! But then, a short time later, I decided to create bossfights for anyone who would request them and I was soon overwhelmed by requests - that was the first time I was looking for other map makers to help me and thereby I also met EnderPig. After a while making bosses wasn't interesting anymore so I decided to disband the little team I had made. A short time later I was asked by EnderPig to help with a project he was working on: Harry Potter in Minecraft, and eventually I join the team he had made for this map. We worked on this map for a long time, around a year and also released a ton of smaller project together at the same time (E.g. Zombie Warriors, Warthford & many more). After a long time we eventually had to admit that this project was impossible, since EnderPig took a break for a short time after this I decided to not give up on this team and to move forward with other projects - and that was quite successful. Most of the team stayed together and EnderPig eventually returned - now we were the nameless McTsts Map Making Team instead of the Harry Potter in Minecraft Team. It took us a long time, but finally after around a year of voting we eventually found a name for our team and so we became Mirage Maps. EnderPig eventually left Mirage Maps and later Mirage was disbanded. Most of Mirage's member joined Vertex, so eventually I also joined."

✧ General Information

Internet Name: McTsts

Age: 19

Discord: @McTsts#0001

Minecraft Name: _tsts_

Twitter: @McTsts

YouTube: McTsts

✧ My Skills:

⁕ Commands & Functions

Nearly all of the old Mirage Map's maps have been coded by almost entirely me (at least 95% of the commands), with the only exception being 'Hole in the Floor', where I only did around half of the commands. I have also been Project Lead & Main Commander on several Vertex Creations projects. Any evidence for this skill should be provided by the maps I have linked below. Some of my achievements include recreating Quidditch in Minecraft (with many AIs), literally 100s of bossfights, a working tower defense game in Minecraft and much more. My Tower Defense map has been described by Mojang like this: "The tools to even make such a game aren’t immediately there; instead, a creator needs to have a high level knowledge of commands, and often, will go out of their way to create entirely new mobs and game mechanics. Mirage Tower Defense is one such game, and while it takes play in Minecraft, this is not your typical mini-game." (see here). Due to mostly my work with commands I've also earned a Realms Cape. (see here; Note: Apparently two of my accounts 'McTsts' and '_tsts_' appear in this list. Of course, I don't have two capes)

⁕ Models:

Many of the models used in my maps have been made by me. Some examples can be found here. Due to the sheer amount of maps, I've made, I'm only able to show you a small selection of the resources we used, which were made by me. I created most of my models using Blockbench.

⁕ Textures:

I usually prefer to use models or only some simple textures if I need custom items, but I still have created quite a few textures as well. Some of them can be found here. For Mirage Maps I usually use the so called 'Mirage RP', which adds some simple custom blocks (e.g. Basalt; See first link), included in that are also my terracotta remakes, which can be found here.

⁕ Web-design:

While I haven't created this website entirely myself, I did create quite a few parts (at this point most of the original code has actually been remade by me). E.g. the search site was completely coded by me, as well as this. Other things I made, is the entire mobile compatibility and the spinning image of character in the footer (try clicking it!). I've also made the download button on the map page and everything around it (The blue buttons, that send you to the search page, the huge dark blue button, that sometimes gives additional credit, the red button that changes when you hover on it), as well as the system that loads in the map previews on all the pages they can be seen (Search, Maps, All Maps, This, 25³ Challenge Page, Ford Series Page, HP Maps Page, etc) from a central file. Right now I can work with js, java, html, css, sql and php.

⁕ Builds:

I usually also build some parts of every map I work on, but right now I don't have images for that.

⁕ Game Design & Story Writing:

Maps like Glarthford, with 6 separate story lines and more than 65 characters also require a lot of Story/Dialogue writing. Other maps, like Mirage Tower Defense, need a lot of proper game design to make sure they run as well as possible. As Team Lead of Mirage Maps and Project Lead on many of our maps, this usually is work, which I need to do.

⁕ Leadership & Organization:

Last, but not least is Organization. Even small maps or teams already require Organization, but in large teams (Mirage had more than 25 active members at some point), this gets a lot harder. You don't just need to handle applications, social media, and much more, no, what really is the challenging aspect is organizing huge projects themselves. For example, Glarthford features more than 60 voice acted characters, 10 custom music tracks, ambient sounds, lots of custom textures, even custom paintings, multiple story-lines, hundreds of secrets, lots of buildings, several boss-fights, tons of command and much more. I believe, that organizing huge projects is most likely one of the hardest aspects of map making.

✧ People I have worked with:

Crainer, SSundee, PopularMMOs, Kehaan, NeoMc, Brozziest, Aequalis_, AFluffyGriffin, antrobot123, Avii_, BenTechy66, BigNinjaChicken, BlendedSpider, BobRoss, booty156156, BrokenLight312, Cb_Crystal, Cb_Fishy, CheckMiner, Chopper, ChumbleWeasel, CookieCaveman, CrazyCowMM, DarsilvaPlayx, Datatag, DeamonHunter7, DEL2, Derpy Cake 55, Diegzz, djae95, DogeFlakes, Ds43m, EnderPig, federick , Flaxcon, Florxx, Frihman, Geoloswith1993, GFLGaming, GoldenMinecart626 (aka Tyler6K), GrayFG, Green_Greeny, HyperDragonX7, ilikecatsy0, IMKevin117, Infinitydrago, israeliIdan, itayfeder, kradziejpyr, kthecat21, marhjo, MarMar23, mattscarp, Minersandko, Mllster, MrKukurykpl, NemPlayer, nobworld, otblock, PercydaGreat, PixelVolt, QunSyBer, rafakado, Redobrine, Rischa001, Schraggi, Sjondk, SpiderBlowsUp, Spiknief, Squishyblob (aka DomoRaider), Supersette, TheHammerOfSteel, Troller4Ever, TTEXTT, Unbihexium, VaterX2, WhyThough , xPsyclone, Aerh, ángel/Kingaroo, Commanvil, ChainsawNinja , MODKILLER1001

and many more!

✧ My Work:

Here's a small overview of my best maps! However considering I made nearly 100 maps so far, obviously not everything is here.

⁕ Capture Kings

"We kick off our return to Realms maps with Capture Kings, a fabulously well-produced take on games like King of the Hill or control point battle arenas. Players select three skills, then jump into the arena. The goal is to control the center point long enough to score a win, but capturing the optional side points is important as well. Maybe you need a bit of a boost or you want your blocks to be harder to remove; just scoot on over to the side while the other team isn’t looking and take it for your own!

As time passes, you’ll earn currency that you can spend on upgrades. Don’t forget to spend your hard-earned coin, or you might find yourself rapidly outclassed by the other team!" - minecraft.net

⁕ Heart Rush

Heart Rush is a PvP minigame based on some of the best features of Capture Kings, but with a completely different spin on it!

Steal hearts from your enemies, upgrade your gear, defend your base, select three skills, choose your own playstyle and more!

⁕ Glarthford

Talk, Scam, Explore, Fight and Trade your way through Glarthford to achieve your goals! Can you save Glarthford in 6 unique storylines?

Glarthford is probably one of my biggest project to this date, Glarthford is a mixture of Puzzle, Adventure & Exploration. Within 20 hours (20 minutes) you have to complete a variety of quests to complete one of 6 storylines, but it's not that easy - you start out with nothing, and have to trade, scam, explore, fight and trade your way to the city of Glarthford. Each storyline has it's own hidden areas within Glarthford! What storyline will you choose, or perhaps even all of them? Will you adventure through the Thunderrock Mines into the Slippery Sewers to save your kidnapped wife, and how will you achieve this when the path to the mountains is blocked? Will you solve the riddle of the Great Fire and figure out who caused it and stop him? Or will you return the stolen fireworks in time for a festival? Or perhaps you want to try the End Disease storyline, where characters are progressively dying, while you find the source and cure as many citizen as possible, before their untimely death? Will you hunt down the slime who hides in the Ancient Volcano, below the Whispering Waters? Or... are you curious about the secret tale of Thorn's Bane perhaps? The forgotten tale of the great fallen Kingdom of Tharros, told by the spirits of the fallen royals, the Thornhearts? Whatever you choose, you will have a difficult journey to find out how exactly to complete each storyline! Along your adventures you will find many of the map's features; This includes more than 60 voice acted characters, with hundreds of lines, custom music composed by our team, a ton of ambient sounds, like waterfall, wind, forest sounds and a lot more! But that's not all, you will also find over hundred custom models, ranging from character models to custom paintings and much more!

⁕ Mirage Tower Defense

Place Towers & Defeat Waves of Enemies!

Mirage Tower Defese is an one of it's kind Tower Defense map. Experience Tower Defense, like never before! Defend the end of each level by obstructing the enemies! Place towers along their path of attack to stop them! Can you defeat your enemies? This map is also available on Minecraft Realms!

⁕ Mirage Wars

Fight, Destroy & Eliminate!

In this map two teams fight against each other, this is our spin on basically Bedwars. There are 12 teams to choose from, with toogleable unique abilities. There are three different shops for a great variety of items, and through randomization there are over 30 billion different possible battlefields, however you can also choose from presets. This map is also available on Minecraft Realms!

⁕ Star Dust

PvP with XP-Fueld Flight!

In Star Dust your goal is to defeat your enemies! To achieve this you collect XP to be able to fly! You can also use a lot of special abilities! There are ton of battlefields, classes and gamemodes! This is PvP like you've never seen before!

⁕ Hole in the Floor (FL_OR)

PvP with Fishing Rods

Hole in the Floor (aka Fl_or) is not just like any other PvP map! In this map you can only die by falling through the hole in the middle of the map! Hole in the Floor uses a completely different PvP system than any other PvP map. Your only weapon in this map is a fishing rod (and powerups of course), you can punch and drag other players with your fishing rod to make them fall through the hole, which is in the middle of every battlefield. If that happens they'll lose a life. You also have a "lifetime" bar which slowly decreases over time. If you run out of lifetime you will also die, but you can easily regain lifetime, by jumping over the hole! In Floor there are also multiple modes, you can decide whether you want to play the normal one, or perhaps you'd rather play the incredibly difficult Hardcore Mode? Or maybe you grow tired of simply fighting against other players and want to throw a Wither into the mix with Wither Mode? You can also changes things like lives, powerups and lifetime! With the gamemodes and options in Floor you can change the game to be exactly like you want it to be!

⁕ Warthford

Solve & Complete Quests In Limited Time!

Warthford is the first map in the ford series, followed by Glimford (+Clutterford), Mystford, Warthford Anniversary Edition, Reignford (unavailable), and the ultimate ford map: Glarthford. In Warthford you have 24 hours to save your wife, solve quests & sidequest, get hints and rescue her!

⁕ Custom Boss Collection II (CBC II)

Over 150 Bossfights!

Custom Boss Collection II is a map about fighting bosses. But not only are there lots of bosses, but there are also many other things. At the moment the map has over 150 bossfights and is probably the biggest Boss Collection there is other than Custom Boss Collection I (and even that is smaller). When you begin the map you can choose a class with which you will fight a boss. After selecting the class you will get tped to the Boss Selection room. This room is split into 8 different corridors. There is the Misc, Overworld, Nether, Ocean, Player, Unlockable, Remake and End Corridor. Bosses are sorted into these corridors. Currently most bosses are in the Overworld corridor. After you select a boss, you will fight it. Bosses are normally mobs, but there are also some more unique bosses, that are e.g. made of Blocks or Custom Models (e.g. McTsts or Zombie Lord). On the right side of your screen you will see your amount of deaths, but there is no live limit. After defeating a boss you will be teleported back to the class selection room. Many classes are unlocked by deafeating a certain boss (e.g. EnderPig class is unlocked by defeating EnderPig). But like I already mentioned bosses aren't the only thing in this map. If you are in the Boss Selection room you will find a button near the center which will take you to the Challenge Corridor, in the Challenge Corridor you can select one of the many Challenges (e.g. Defeating Ghost in 20 seconds). Completing a challenge the first time often rewards you with a special item/ability for a special class: Mage. The mage class will get better/stronger the more bosses you defeat. And there even is another mode in this map: The Player vs. Player mode. You select it by flipping a lever in the Class Selection Corridor before you choose a class. After that you can choose a class and you will be teleported to the Arena Selection Corridor instead of the Boss Selection Room. In the Arena Selection Corridor you can select one of the arenas (Normally used for bosses). The first person to reach three kills wins. After a Victory everybody is teleported back to the Class Selection Corridor. The Player vs. Player mode can only be played in multiplayer. Bosses and Challenges can be played in single and multiplayer. Another feature of this map is the Boss Finder & Randomizer. It can either look for a boss with certain criteria or select a random boss. The Boss Finder can also find/unlock a couple of classes and bosses.

⁕ Zombie Warriors II (ZW II)

Lead an Army of Zombies!

Zombie Warriors II is a game map in which you lead an army of zombies. You have to capture bases and finally the enemies headquarters to win. There are many battles. Zombie Warriors can be played in singleplayer against the map or in multiplayer against each other. It is also possible to fight against the map together in multiplayer. There are many different types of bases and other things on the 7+ different battleground. Your army consists of muliple different zombies (Warrior, General, Pyro, Tempest, Thunder, Bomber & many more). With each battle new features get introduced. Also part of this map is a gold system. You earn gold with successful attacks of your army and you can spend your gold to e.g. hire new zombies. But just fighting battles is not all you can do in this map! There is also a War Mode in which you try to control all lands, by fighting many battles. There is also a Simulation Mode which is absolutely accurate. Part of the map are also a Challenge and a Sandbox mode. If you find any bugs please inform me. This is a better version of my old maps 'Minecraft Warriors' & 'Zombie Warriors' . Enjoy!

✧ Trailers:

You can also watch the Trailers of some of my recent maps! (Note: Some of my trailers were created by Ds)

✧ More Maps:

To find all my currently available maps (many aren't publicly released) click here or find all my maps for 1.12.2 here!


And that is me, McTsts. Thank your for reading through this!