Need help with the Download or Resource Pack? Click here!

How to Download maps!

There's a download button at the bottom of every map page, when you click that you will need to wait for a short time to skip the advertisement and then you can download the world from mediafire. Put it in your worlds folder or upload it to a server to play it.

How to get the Resource Pack of the map!

The resource pack of each map is included in the world download itself. In vanilla singleplayer it will automatically load once you join the world. For multiplayer just use the archive, that is included in the world as a resourcepack! By taking the from the world you can also send it to everyone else who requires it or they can download the world themselves and take the resource pack directly from the world.


Heart Rush Rush Enemies & Steal Hearts!
Minecraft 1.13.2 2+ Players Heart Rush
Heart Rush
Capture Kings Fight & Capture!
Minecraft 1.13.1 2+ Players Capture Kings
Capture Kings
Spot It Can you Spot the Difference?
Minecraft 1.13.2 2 Players Spot It
Spot It
Portals Wooo!! 9 Portals?!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2 Players Portals
Glarthford There are many stories to be told!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Glarthford
Mirage Tower Defense Place Towers & Defeat Enemies!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Mirage Tower Defense
Mirage Tower Defense
Minigame Advent Calendar 24 Days - 24 Minigames
Minecraft 1.11 1+ Players Minigame Advent Calendar
Minigame Advent Calendar
Escape: Aztec The Finale of the Escape Series!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2 Players Escape: Aztec
Escape: Aztec
Escape: Boss Escape from various bosses!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Boss
Escape: Boss
Escape: Zelda Escape from a familiar dimension!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Escape: Zelda
Escape: Zelda
Escape: Broken Dive into the Escape Map Creation Process!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2 Players Escape: Broken
Escape: Broken
Escape: Theatre Todays play is called... Death!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Escape: Theatre
Escape: Theatre
Escape: Science Lab The first of the escape maps!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2 Players Escape: Science Lab
Escape: Science Lab
Escape: Mines What's this odd portal? Oh no...
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Mines
Escape: Mines
Escape: Ocean Discover a new world under your feet!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Ocean
Escape: Ocean
Escape: Sky Sky's Not the Limit!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Sky
Escape: Sky
Escape: Error A broken map has never been so fun!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Error
Escape: Error
Escape: Witch Stolen Pie!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Escape: Witch
Escape: Witch
Escape: End This must be the end!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Escape: End
Escape: End
Escape: Nether Kehaan drags you to hell - Escape!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Escape: Nether
Escape: Nether
Valentine Surgery Can you save Valentines Day?
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Valentine Surgery
Valentine Surgery
Hole in the Floor PvP with Fishing Rods
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Hole in the Floor
Hole in the Floor
Star Dust PvP with XP-Fueld Flight!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Star Dust
Star Dust
Mirage Wars Fight & Destroy & Eliminate!
Minecraft 1.12.2 2+ Players Mirage Wars
Mirage Wars
Swift Sprinters Randomly Generated Runner!
Minecraft 1.11.2 1 Player Swift Sprinters
Swift Sprinters
Mystford Solve Quests & Save the World!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Mystford
Zombie Warriors II Lead an Army of Zombies!
Minecraft 1.10.2 1+ Players Zombie Warriors II
Zombie Warriors II
Custom Boss Collection Over 150 bossfights!
Minecraft 1.11.2 1+ Players Custom Boss Collection
Custom Boss Collection
Glimford Solve Quests & Get Hints & Win!
Minecraft 1.11.2 1+ Players Glimford
Warthford Solve & Complete Quests in Limited Time!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ Players Warthford